I need to make changes to my roster but I have already submitted all of my crew’s information. How do I make changes?

Please email our Competition Director at talent@maxtoutdance.com and they will gladly help you with any changes. Please be thorough in your edits and know that there may be additional fees associated with late changes.

How is the seating arranged at Maxt Out? Is there seating? Do we have to stand?

Our competitions have General Admission seating. First come, first serve with seating. There is only sitting. There is no standing. People usually move around within the entire competition time.

May people videotape the competition? May I bring a camera in to the competition/theater?

Yes! You may videotape the competition. There is still photography, however, flash photography is not allowed. The flash interrupts our professional photographers’ flash and it is dangerous for the dancers as they’re dancing on stage.

Is there food at Maxt Out?

There are local eateries on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena.
Please note that we will not be selling any food. There are vending machines for your snack preferences.

Where do we park?

$2 all day pass – Park in Student Parking Lot #5  located off Bonnie Ave (East of the college). Please DO NOT park in faculty or staff parking lots.

What time do the doors open? What time does the competition start? Is there an intermission? May I come in and out?

The doors to the theater for guests open at 11:30am. The competition begins at 12:00pm. There is NO intermission. The competition is a continuous show. You may leave the theater at any time between dances. You will receive a wristband at the theater upon arrival. That wristband will allow you to go in and out of the theater throughout the entire competition.

What time is the entire show over?

Maxt Out should be complete by 6:30pm. Please note that this time is subject to change. However that is usually the time it’s done.

I’m bringing my kids. Is the competition appropriate for kids?

Maxt Out asks all teams to omit any vulgar and lewd dancing and lyrics from their dances. However, sometimes teams may add lewd movement and lyrics in to their dance and music. We would say the show is PG-13. We are not able to control all dances on stage so what’s on stage goes. It’s up to you as a parent to decide if you wish to bring your kids.

I’m interested in being a vendor/sponsor. Where can I get more information?

Please contact us at media@maxtoutdance.com