Rancho Dance: Overall Alpha Award + 1st Place Minor Crew

1st Place Major Crew: Elektrolytes

2nd Place Major Crew: Snowtorious

3rd Place Major Crew: The Avenue

1st Place Minor Crew: Rancho Dance

2nd Place Minor Crew: Elektro Crew

2nd Place Minor Crew: Future Shock SD

1st Place Major CHOR: The Winterz Project

2nd Place Major CHOR: Elektro Elite

3rd Place Major CHOR: Kairos Kollective

1st Place Solo: Dante Casarin

2nd Place Solo: Fidel Moreno

3rd Place Solo: Jaylin Sanders

1st Place Trio: Beat The Beat

2nd Place Trio: YUGEN

3rd Place Trio: OC Prime

We are a dance competition, community and event platform for dancers who are looking to create the dance life of their dreams.





Marc Miranda

“Maxt Out Dance Competition has helped me out a lot in staying inspired within my dance career. Being a part of Maxt Out for many years has kept me motivated to contribute new art for the future of the community. My investment in the competition was always worth it because of the memories that it created for me and my team. The wins, the losses, and the journey to live my life on that stage was something I can never get back but something I will always cherish and share.”

Jordan Julian

“Maxt Out helped me when I was a new director with a new team. The competition helped welcome us into the dance community. Maxt Out Competitions are always so much fun especially in such a stressful time trying to manage my team. From the Host, to the emails, to the staff running the event, and to the overall event itself, Maxt Out is a safe place for us when we compete to feel like we had a voice worth listening to. Thank You Maxt Out for all your love and support, showing what it truly means to be a dance community.”

Gustave “Goose” Polanco

“Maxt Out gave me the opportunity to showcase with A1 Collective and gave the momentum to know I have value in our dance community, it was our first performance of the 2019 – 2020 year bracket, nerve racking because it was outside but the VIBE & SUPPORT Maxt Out audience was PERFECT. From Maxt Out and onwards with the videos and word a mouth a1 started to get onto different comps and line ups I would never think I would have my team be a part of! Now being in a pandemic and navigating the future, I can’t wait for Maxt Out to come back so I can show the community that there’s hope still and this is not the end of our dream.”

Christina Libardoni

“I experienced Maxt Out Dance Competition as a dancer. So when I started my own dance company, we knew 100% that we were going to dance at Maxt Out. Not only were they the most organized and very communicative- the process and day of events are some of the smoothest in the community.”