May people videotape the competition?

Yes, however, flash photography is not allowed. Official Maxt Out videos are professionally recorded and will be available within one week.

Where do we park?

Parking is free and is available in the parking lot on the southeast corner of Broadway and Verdugo. Parking is limited, so please arrive early.

What time do the doors open? 

Doors to the theater open 1 hour before the event is scheduled to start.

 Is re-entry allowed?

Upon arrival, audience members will receive a wristband that allows them access to leave and return to the event for the day.

Is the competition appropriate for kids?

Maxt Out has basic regulations for explicit and inappropriate musical content. However, the adult division has minimal restrictions for content. While we encourage performances to be family-friendly, please use discretion when bringing children. 

I am interested in being a vendor/ sponsor. Where can I get more information?

We would love for you to inquire about being a vendor and or sponsor for Maxt Out! Please contact us at [email protected]

Do young children have to pay to enter the competition?

Our competition welcomes people of all ages! Kids that are 2 years old and younger are FREE!

How long are the dances?

All dancers have been given a time limit of a maximum of 5 minutes.

Will there be food/ beverages sold at the event? May I bring in food/ beverages in the theater?

Maxt Out has snacks and drinks available for purchase in our festival area, however food and beverages may not be brought into the theater.

Are seats reserved or assigned?

Maxt Out seating is general admission. Seats are on a first come first serve basis.


How early may the performers arrive at the competition location before scheduled check-in time? 

The Glendale campus will open at 8am for dancers.

May the performers check-in early/late?

Due to the outstanding number of dancers, teams will be required to check in at their scheduled time.

Do performers get tech time?

A tech rehearsal is not provided.

How big is the stage?

45′ x 32′

Is there a crossover?

Yes, indoor behind the cyc.

Do performers have a designated dressing room and/or somewhere to set personal belongings?

There are no dressing rooms, but dancers have access to the entire campus. Maxt Out is not responsible for lost or stolen items, please ensure items are not left unattended.

Are performers allowed to have background sets and props for their dance number? Will there be a place to store them before and after they are used?

Yes! Prop deliveries must arrive no later than 9am and be stored on the side bay of the stage. Props cannot take longer than 1 minute to set up and tear down.

 Do performers have a space to rehearse?

Dancers will have access to all outdoor areas on campus.

Are performers provided with a liaison? 

A runner will be introduced to team directors at check-in. Teams will be given their performance time and their “in the hole” call time on show day.

Are performers allowed to have friends and family backstage?

Audience members will only have access to the front of the house of the theater. No friends or family may be backstage at any time.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of dancers allowed to perform with each crew?

A minimum of 15 dancers per team is required. If a team has less than the required minimum, they will still be required to pay 15 dancer fees.