May people videotape the competition? May I bring a camera into the competition/ theater?

-Yes! You may videotape the competition. There is still photography, however, flash photography is not allowed.The flash interrupts our professional photographers’ flash and it’s dangerous for the dancers as they’re dancing on stage. Official Maxt Out videos are professionally recorded and will be uploaded on to YouTube up to 3 days after the event. 

Where do we park?

We provide FREE parking! It’s available on campus as well as the residential area. Please read street signs for parking restrictions.

What time do the doors open? 

Doors to the theater open for guests at 11:30am, 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to start.

What time does the competition start? 

The competition starts at 12pm.

Is there an intermission? 

Unfortunately, there is NO intermission. Our competition is a continuous show. 

May I come in and out of the theater?

You may leave the theater at any time between dances. You will receive a wristband at the theater upon arrival. That wristband will allow you to go in and out of the theater throughout the entire competition.

 What time is Maxt Out over?

Please check our event schedule on our event’s page or Facebook page where we provide you with updated competition times.

I am bringing kids to spectate the competition. Is the competition appropriate for kids?

Maxt Out asks all teams to omit any vulgar and lewd dancing and lyrics from their dances. However, sometimes teams may add lewd movement and lyrics into their dance and music. We do not screen what’s going to be performed prior to the event. Therefore, you may bring kids at your own risk.

I am interested in being a vendor/ sponsor. Where can I get more information?

We would love for you to inquire about being a vendor and or sponsor for Maxt Out! Please contact us at [email protected] . Thank you!

Do young children have to pay to enter the competition?

Our competition welcomes people of all ages! Kids that are 3 years old and younger are FREE!

How long are the dances?

All dancers have been given a time limit of a maximum of 5 minutes.

Will there be food/ beverages sold at the event? May I bring in food/ beverages in the theater?

We have an EXCELLENT variety of food vendors to choose from right outside the theater! Unfortunately, you may not bring in food and beverages into the theater.

Are seats reserved or on a first come first serve basis?

Maxt Out seating is a general admission atmosphere. Seats are first come first serve. Please note that we do reserve our front 10 rows for VIP tickets. If you wish to sit in the front for a better view, please reserve a VIP ticket.


How early may the performers arrive at the competition location before scheduled check-in time? 

We understand that performers might want some extra time to prepare before they hit the stage. We prefer they arrive no earlier than 2 hours from their scheduled check-in time.

May the performers check-in early?

Unfortunately, due to the outstanding number of dancers, we prefer that everyone checks in at their scheduled time.

Do performers get tech time?

As much as we would love to give you some time to get to know the stage, we do not have tech times available due to our time frame.

How big is the stage?

The stage dimensions differ depending on the location. You will find the updated stage information in your registration package.

Is there a crossover?

Depends on the type of the stage our venue provides. We provide that updated information in your registration package.

Do performers have a designated dressing room and/or somewhere to set personal belongings?

Depending on the venue regulations, we might or might not have a place for you to get dressed. This information will be provided along with your registration package. Whether or not we have a room for you to get ready or leave your bags, we are not responsible for any personal belongings.

Are performers allowed to have background sets and props for their dance number? Will there be a place to store them before and after they are used?

Yes! We allow background sets and props as long as it doesn’t take more than 1 minute to set up and remove. We will try our best to accommodate a placement to hold your props and background sets before and after your performance.

 Do performers have a space to rehearse?

Depends on the type of venue Maxt Out is held at. We know that performers are always looking for space to rehearse before they perform. Updated information will be given to you with the registration package.

Are performers provided with a liaison? 

Definitely! You’re our guest and we want to make sure your day is full of fun and no stress. We provide you with one of our top qualified staff members to be your liaison once you check-in!

Are performers allowed to have friends and family backstage?

We love having our loved ones near especially on such a special day but unfortunately, friends and family that don’t have a performer’s wristband are not allowed backstage but they are welcome to be with you at all other times during the day.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of dancers allowed to perform with each crew?

Maxt Out has different competing divisions. Each division has a minimum and maximum limit that you are allowed to compete with. You may find that information under “Rules and Regulations”.