Debuting in 2001, Maxt Out Dance Competition has earned the notoriety as a staple

in the Southern California dance community. The unique blend of traditional team-driven

competition with visionary initiatives, including All Styles battles and Choreography showcases,

has allowed Maxt Out to be an event dancers aspire to participate in. Focused on providing

opportunities for new talent, Maxt Out is committed to fostering a culture of widespread support,

establishing a network of unequivocal talent.

Maxt Out’s attendance boasts thousands of dancers, and even more spectators, all gathered to

celebrate the countless hours of artistic conceptualization, exhausting rehearsals, and fervent

team building. As the competition progresses throughout the day, dancers who have performed

join the crowd to cheer on their competitors, revering the passion and innovation of their peers.

Creating a festival-like atmosphere, the competition stretches across an entire venue, offering

creative vendors, delicious food, and additional entertainment with bracketed All Styles battles

and graffiti showcases that contribute immensely to the dedication of Maxt Out to the true roots

of hip hop.

The competition culminates in an electric awards presentation, crowning the winners of each

division with prize money and bragging rights. Previous Maxt Out Winners have become

overnight sensations, gaining momentum to be invited to other competitions and showcases,

and have had their careers launched after reaching viral fame.

Committed to the community it has helped shape, Maxt Out is steadfast in advocating for the

nourishment and protection of its dancers. It upholds the highest standards of cooperation and

friendship with all other competitions and complimenting partners. Maxt Out will continue to

sustain its unyielding solidarity with the positive efforts and momentum of the dance community

as a whole.